Knight Rider: Back to the future By THOStudio.

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Knight Rider: Back to the future By THOStudio.

Post by krvc » Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:17 pm

Knight Rider: Back to the future By THOStudio.

Knight Rider: Back To The Future, By THOStudio.


THOStudio are currently hiring people to work with THOStudio to get a new game developed called
Knight Rider: Back To The Future by my team
THOStudio, we are very happy to share information
with you and also our first place to share info with you.

Game Information:

This game is going to be fully designed and developed by THOStudio. In the game will be a full living and breathing city with a big 3D World with cars and normal citizens walking up and down streets as real life would. Now this has never been done never before. You will play through out different weather, in free roam or missions! You play as david hasselhof and you can for first time ever get in and out of cars whenever you wish. And you can investgate in missions which you usley have to drive to the semi, or devons mansion or other places related or sometimes you have to go and meet at certain places. You can order KITT to do whatever you want so, say you wanted to sneak into a building and your doing a mission KITT could scan the building and show you where all the bad people are and lots more and when KITT's not around you can call him at anytime. The normal functions will be available, SKI, Turbo Boost, SPM etc.. And you and KITT and other cars too will take out the enimes through different parts of the city by foot or car and with your guns shooting down the enimies.

Coming soon 2007.

We are looking for the following people below:

Car Designer
World Modders

We have some already but we still need more so fancy a job, come here.

Thanks, neil.


Publishers: THOStudio Productions
Console: PC
Rated: 13+
Official Website: (coming soon)
Forum: phpBB

1.C - Storyline:

Michael Knight and KITT have been taking out 3 whole months on vacation in New York together
and have been informing bonnie and devon how they've been getting on. After the holiday KITT
drives back to florance city where all the foundation team are, and as they go back michael
sleeps as KITT is own auto cruise. Once arrived back in the city micheal wakes up as they have
just enterd he city again for the first time in 3 months. Once back at the foundation bonnie
and devon and the rest of the team greets micheal and KITT back to the foundation and city
and micheals in the foundation sat down on the coutch with a drink in his hand and there both
catching up together. After they have catched up devon hands over michael a new foundation
info sheet and also some cash to get started again in the world of Knight Rider.


Your in the foundation mansion next to where you were sat and you then first have to go to the
KITT Foundation Center and be learnt all the new things about KITT and the rest such as controls
and how to do actions with KITT in KITT's Test Track and also doing some on-foot actions too.
After that you drive back to the mansion and you may return there anytime to learn other
controls. Now you have to drive back to the mansion to finish the mission and to talk with
devon, and then he says welcome back to the life of Knight Rider micheal. Then what happens
is he says go out explore the streets and he'll contact you when somethings up.

2.C - Features:

This game features: Free Roaming, Open big world, Turbo boost, Super Pursuit Mode, SKI Mode
Print Mode. Survaillence Mode, Ejecter Seat, Scanning

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Post by JJSoCrazy » Fri Dec 08, 2006 2:20 pm

I love the idea, I always wanted a game like Grand Theft Auto for KITT to rome around and get in and out of cars and do missions with Michael Knight as the main character. Definetly a neat idea! Although, why don't you just start from the beginning like in the pilot episode, showing Michael Knight created and him testing out KITT just like the pilot episode. Give KITT the scanning function, the comlink of course, turboboost, SKI mode, you can ask him for how many enemies are in the building and when you press a certain button he can either come to where you are to help or you can get him to get the ejector seat for you or something similar. I have Lots of ideas for this project and would love to help out! Sounds good overall.

Good Luck!

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Post by Knight Racer » Fri Dec 08, 2006 4:06 pm

I would love to help with the game too.I was highly recomended by a staff of 30 to test the new company program and bring new ideas .I have had experience being a beta tester for the company i work for.I find all the programming bugs,problems/solutions, and always have great suggestions

I have had so many ideas for building a good kr game for the past 7 years.I was always in the back of my class drawing up ideas for what the knight rider game should be like.I too had the idea of starting fresh from episode 1.This would work better for a few reasons.One would be because no other kr game shows the storyline of knight rider.Everyone assumes a guy was given a cool car when he applied for a job at the foundation.We need to learn Michael Long's tragic death,the man who was a father Wilton Knight in some great cut scenes.Trainning levels would be great as soon as you blast through the door and Devon says,"I would have preferred you to have let me open the doors first."

Kitt should collect the letters K I T T arround the city in different colors like collect all 4 kitt letters in blue,red,orange and unlock a new function such as kitts laser,flamethrower,grappling hook,flamethrower,boost of microjammer.Once you collect them go to the semi to have bonnie install the collected leters that look like motherboards with the letters each on them for a new function.I have tons of ideas simaler to these and alot of experience in playing games and knowing what to improve not only to make a good script but for incredibley entertainning gameplay.

I've also watched every episode of knight rider 10 times atleast.I wrote up a few fan fictions so we can make some great stories for the epsisodes in the game.