Phone Rider - iPhone Application Review

Phone Rider is a neat little app, available from Apple's App Store for $0.99.

This app does one thing, and does it quite well - take the audio from your microphone and symulate it through a voice modulator interface that echos either of the Knight 2000 interfaces or KARR. It's really quite slick, with custom graphics that echo the Season 1 & 2 dash.

Check out our quick video review above. First 15 people to comment on this post with a valid email address will receive a free copy of this app, courtesy of p13development!

  • Great application. I'm gonna be using this apps for my car. Well just wondering if this apps will work on it? Does this apps are applicable to install in my car using my mobile device?

  • Siudavid

    This is very good aplication.I like KnightRider.

  • Is very nice..... Perfect!!

  • Jon

    Excellent looking app... just got an iPhone yesterday, and wondering if I'm too late??


    Neps, I was the 13th person to leave a comment... but I haven't heard anything about getting the app for free yet. Any update?

  • Matt P (MR2NR)

    Hi I have already downloaded the app as well for my Itouch and with a mic it works great. Thanks for making this!!! I am glad companies still remember Knight Rider. I have every KR related app on my Itouch and all of the new series. If there is anything related to KR, you can bet I will get it :).

  • ShadowKnight006

    I wish there was something like this for a normal, windows based, pc. I have been looking everywhere.

  • Colley

    Awesome! :D

  • Chung-Yeh Hsu

    I would love this app. It looks very cool and that they have the 3 different styles from the original series. My email address is I am also looking to find Knight Rider ringtones. Anyone know where I can find them?

  • Garrett

    Sweet! This would be perfect for my iphone.

  • Ian W

    Damnit if only i had an iphone!

  • saji

    Ya Its a good sotware But 1 question I have a HTC HD mobile do you have this software for my mobile Coz I am rady to use it in my mob

  • Ezekiel

    IT is so cool!!! i would love to get it!!!

  • Justin

    Very cool app! We need more Knight Rider apps for iPhones!


    Very nice indeed. I wish it could do all three voices - William Daniels, Peter Cullen and of course Val Kilmer.

  • Thomas

    Cool stuf! I like it!

  • Scott

    hi all -

    long time reader, first time poster

    I'm loving the 'mainstream' interest in KR that there's now iPhone apps created!

  • Milo

    I posted a video of that ages ago on youtube and posted it on the forum. but its very cool now they got the differnt voice boxes..

  • tim

    i would very very much like this application! thank you!

  • Very cool indeed!

  • Daniel

    I am posting but I have already bought it.

  • Justin

    Very cool i'll need to buy an iphone now

  • Roy

    Looks cool.. Please let me try it.

  • Armen

    What an awesome application! I'd be very grateful if you could send it to me a.s.a.p.

  • Sarah

    please direct me to a chicken! have to figure out if my ipod touch will work.

  • Eric

    oh my email address is

  • Eric

    This is awesome I want it please!!!!!!

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