BREAKING NEWS! Arnett Out - Kilmer In!

Knight Rider Online has gotten the exclusive on the new voice of KITT. In what will come as a surprise to many, Will Arnett is no longer the voice of KITT in the new Knight Rider movie. We had heard about this about a month ago, but didn't want to break anything about it until we heard solid of a replacement.

According to what we have heard, Will Arnett has an established career in voice over work, in particular with GMC Trucks. This would be a conflict for him, as Ford is the primary sponsor of the new Knight Rider movie, and he had to drop out.

So this sent the crew of Knight Rider searching for a replacement. And that came yesterday with Val Kilmer. Val Kilmer, star of such films as Top Gun, The Doors, Batman Forever, Heat, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, will be stepping in to voice the Knight Industries Three Thousand. He met with the producers last night, tried it out, and everyone was pleased.

The original announcement:

I mentioned last week there would be an announcement, well here it is, and only on KRO.

Will Arnett has had to back out of voicing KITT because of a contractual conflict. This happened a few weeks ago.

I was asked not to release this information until they figured out what they were going to do. Finally, as of last night, contracts with the replacement have been signed.

The new voice of KITT will be...Val Kilmer. He's a bona-fide movie star who has not done a lot of television, a very smart guy with and great voice and a lot of range, and the producers are very happy with the choice. They start today to re-voice the movie.

While we are a fan of Will Arnetts, and very sad to hear that he had a conflict, we are very excited to have someone with such caliber as Val Kilmer on board, and look forward to hearing him as KITT very soon.