30 Second New Knight Rider Teaser

NBC yesterday revealed a new longer teaser for their Knight Rider project. In it they focus on the new features of KITT.

  • bob

    i think the same old car + music + actors should be used for future films if possible.

  • Joseph Lazarus

    I'm not much for the Stang, but I'll give it a peek. It has to stay true to it's past series if it's ever going to survive. They could've at least put him into a Ford GT to resemble the old KITT.

  • *

    Looks stupid. Like a bad car commercial. That was filmed downtown in the same tunnel they shot Terminator1...which was the only interesting thing about it. A FORD? Gimme a break. BRING BACK THE TA!

  • I can't wait to see it in Germany :-)

  • Rafs

    It is not Will Arnett's voice!?!

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