Which episodes had the best opening sequences?

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Which episodes had the best opening sequences?

Post by chin-up-27 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:05 am

I thought Knight Of The Chameleon with the court escape scene was very well done.

Goliath Returns and the bust out of jail was exceptional also.

Halloween Knight was dramatic involving a murder, other openings involving murders which were well done included Knight in shining armour, Custom Made Killer, infact so many had a murder in their opening sequence. Knight in retreats opening murder was very dramatic involving female assasins, was a very different kind of episode which I enjoyed.

Mouth of the snake was a very dramatic opening, but was a lot longer than the others and two pronged, involving the boat stealth search and the murder of the private investigator so don't know if that one counts.

I find all the best episodes started out with dramatic entrances, but I would have to vote for the opening scenes in Knightmares as my favourite. The suspense of the chase, and what happens inside the abandoned dam, Michael nearly getting killed and the creepy music. Also the total intrigue and unknown about the alidium gears and how that would tie into the plot later gave it so much suspense.

What were your favourite openings?

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Re: Which episodes had the best opening sequences?

Post by DarylKnight » Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:44 pm

I've always felt the season openers always nailed the opening sequences perfectly. Goliath featuring Garthe Knight's cane gunshot instantly transitioning to a great view of a cruising KITT with the strong bass of the KR theme hitting comes to mind.
Knight of the Drones in it's original format is by far my favorite though. The fresh music of Season 3 coupled with great shots of KITT roaming around, followed by the Jail break with the self driving Thunderbirds, which then cuts into the actual KR opening credits. Awesomely done and awesome since it's the only episode to ever have a "Pre-credit opening sequence."
Other episodes I've greatly enjoyed the openings to were: The Topaz Connection, The Rotten Apples, Silent Knight, Knight Strike with "Neutron Dance", and a standou Many Happy Returns with Obsession by Animotion.

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