KR inspired accessories/conversions

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KR inspired accessories/conversions

Post by DLAspider » Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:09 pm

On this forum I’ve seen near-perfect replicas of KI2T and KI3T, which are pretty cool, but I’d like to see partial conversions, whether actual work done or ideas in progress. Something like a KR steering wheel in your daily ride, or an Ipad mounted in your dash with an app that is reminiscent of the KR2008 2 hour pilot. Or even a more complete conversion inspired by Knight Rider but with your creative change in design to make it original.

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Re: KR inspired accessories/conversions

Post by blackthorntk » Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:26 pm

Hey DLAspider as I get the money at times not working I'm working on my mustang kitt replica witch will consist of pilot episode and tv series. with in the interior. But for the exterior I'm aiming for the pilot attack mode. But yes what you are asking for KI3T my pal Taoworm has been working on many of the parts you have mentioned. here's a link. and check out his videos. ... LnaOVraSd0
From my plans I'm aiming for. Image

Image side
view pilot arm rest with the silver and the spikes that come out of the lower dash.
as well as the normal tv series with. Image
with of course the gt 500kr headrest witch is here: Image well they be my future plans to do a in between cross over. But hey that will take a long time to do. Also thanks for the images for toughs who have posted them up in the past. DLAspider you should come on the chat room sometime as well.

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Re: KR inspired accessories/conversions

Post by lphill01 » Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:26 pm

I'm doing a replica of KARR with a few slight changes. I'm building a "post battle with KITT rebuild" instead of just a prototype of KITT. The backstory on mine is that since KARR had the ability to rewrite his own programming, he figured out how evolve into a virus similar to the Archer virus, downloaded to the net in his last few seconds, and infected a normal Mustang's onboard engine computer, slowly reshaping the car to meet his needs with nanotech, and help from "unwilling" people (Kind of like the storyline from KITT vs KARR).

Instead of an orb panel, I have a touchscreen (I might install an ipad), with a GUI system loosely based off of pilot KITT's display with a few auxiliary toggle switches and indicators, the seats and door panels are black, and I have KARR (Iraq Campaign) license plates instead of the standard 77KR117 or KR plates. The rocker panels and rear bumper will be Line-X'd instead of bare plastic, and the stripes might end up being silver instead of black. (I'm also using running horses instead of Shelby cobra badges (personal preference).



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