Somewhat of a replacement for Knight Rider

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Somewhat of a replacement for Knight Rider

Post by daroga » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:46 am

Hey guys,

Sadly it seems that, at least for a while, we're not going to see any new adventures with KITT.

Last night, though, I was watching the second episode of Fox's "Human Target" which has a very Knight Rider-ish vibe to it. A group a people fronted by one guy, working to help fix a problem in an hour long show. Drama mixed with humor. Serious and light hearted at the same time, never taking itself too seriously. It's really got a lot of tones from the original Knight Rider series and a bit from the 08 series as well (heavy-handed Microsoft product placement helps to make the more modern-day connection as well ;) ).

No, it's doesn't have a great, sentient supercar, but I thought maybe some of you would be interested that the style of light-hearted drama that was just fun in Knight Rider is still living on. Check it out if you want!