Anybody Actually Like "Knight Rider 2000"?

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Anybody Actually Like "Knight Rider 2000"?

Post by moviefan2k4 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:21 am

I was ten years old when this TV movie first aired, and I still enjoy it to this day. While its true that many of the surface details from the original show were left out, I still think it has the heart of that series. I liked the "not-too-distant future" aspect of the story, and I thought the character of Shawn McCormick was interesting (especially when she was mimicking KITT because of the chip in her head - that was funny). David Hasselhoff was in great shape to continue the role back then, and some of my favorite KITT lines are from that movie. I especially love the scene where its just him and the Knight 4000, bantering with each other about their purpose ("There's nothing worse than a smartass automobile.") I didn't realize it was meant to launch a new show until years afterward, but I seriously would have watched that. Devon's death was very emotional, along with Michael's reaction. I honestly think that of all the attempts to revive the classic show, "Knight Rider 2000" is the best one. I never bothered with the "Team" series, but the 2008 version was sleazy and inconsistent like crazy.

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