Happy 53rd Birthday David Hasselhoff!

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Post by tkr9 » Sun Jul 31, 2005 12:28 pm

He's looking good for his age is David, hope it's all natural...

Personally I like being 23 and would love to stay it all my life. Only problem is at 21 you believe you know everything, God I miss that. I think at 22 you realise you aren't immortal after all, friend's parents started dying, my own family had a cancer scare, it all seemed to come in one foul swoop...

I kind of miss the eighties, children's tv has really declined in quality over here. There's nothing of the ilk of Dangermous, Knight Rider, Dungeons and Dragons, nothing, just some 'gritty' realism...

Ignore me, I'm just getting bitter in my old, soon to be 24 years of age...